Thursday, July 31, 2014

Playoff Picture....Part 2

Ok, so everything should be set.....for now.....maybe.

Here's what's in store for the SouthWest division this weekend.

Saturday, August 2nd: Round 1

Game 1:
# 7 Waukesha Royals @ # 10 Rome Raiders
I'm guessing the Royals couldn't get Frame Park for this one which is why it is being hosted by the Raiders. Hopefully the Royals still get to be the home team, but Rome gets all the $ from the concessions and the raucous support of the Raider faithful, including the sound machine guy in the booth.

Game 2:
# 8 Dousman Frogs vs. # 9 Ixonia Snappers
After initially bowing out of the playoffs,  the Snappers have decided that they want to give it a go. They will be heading to Dousman where anything is possible with the short porch in left.

Sunday, August 3rd: Round 2

Game 3:
# 1 Burlington Barons vs. Highest Seed Remaining (probably # 8 Dousman Frogs)
The Barons are the clear favorite to advance to the next round in the playoffs, but again, anything can happen in the SouthWest.

Game 4:
# 2 Waterford Rivermen vs. 2nd Highest Seed Remaining (probably # 7 Waukesha Royals)
This game could get interesting. The Royals are a dangerous # 7 seed and if their young pitching can keep the game close, it could get very, very interesting.

Game 5:
# 3 North Prairie Dawgs vs. # 6 Genesee Rebels
The Dawgs won both games against the Rebels this year, but they were each close. Other than the #4 vs #5, this might be the closest game of the playoffs.

Game 6:
#4 East Troy Express vs. #5 Oconomowoc Titans
The Express defeated Burlington on Wednesday night to lock up a home game against the Titans. This promises to be a good game as both teams have the pitching and defense to make it a low-scoring, high intensity affair.

That's all we know as of right now. It seems like the best out of 3 series for the division championship might be off the table, as next weekend may simply have the semifinals on Saturday and the Championship on Sunday.

One thing is for sure: everybody plays this weekend, so it will be a great weekend for baseball in the SouthWest.

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