Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rebels Preview - Part 1 - The Outfield

The 2016 season is less than a month away and the Rebels are gearing up for what hopes to be a successful campaign. The Rebels roster for the 2016 season is a solid mix of savvy veterans and youthful exuberance. With a few key additions to the roster, Genesee hopes to make a run deep in the playoffs. Here's a glance at some of the key roster positions for the 2016 season:

The Outfield:
Matt Bauer - Bauer returns to the roam the friendly confines of center field at Genesee Town Park for the 9th season. A perfect specimen of health, Bauer is known for covering a vast amount of ground and being pesky on the base paths. His versatile skills will help ground the Rebels outfield and could provide a spark either at the top or bottom of the batting order.

Chris Theisen - Still awaiting the ultimate disclosure of conspiratorial evidence against anything and everything, Theisen brings his energy field to left field for the Rebels once again this season. Along with flowing hair and incredibly knowledge of astrology and birthdays, Theisen has been a force in Genesee's lineup. The ability to go deep along with flat-footed speed and undying confidence on the base paths can be a deadly combination. His talking glove, strong arm, and ability to cover ground will make any fly ball to left field a sure out.

Lucas Bourassa - When he's not wearing camouflage and stalking animals, Bourassa is stalking fly balls in the outfield and all around the diamond. Mixing time between outfield, corner infield, and DH, Bourassa provides some much needed pop to the Rebels offensive lineup. His bat will most likely find a place in the middle of the Rebel's lineup and should be an RBI generator throughout the season.

Dom Nabak - After sitting out a year rehabbing a knee injury, Nabak returns to the Rebels and hopes to get back to dropping bombs and snagging flies. The ultimate teammate, Nabak is sure to lift Genesee with his play or his witty and sometimes incomprehensible comments from the bench. Commuting from the Twin Cities where he'll be spending the summer lifting weights and taking pictures of himself flexing, the games where he is present will be a boost for the Rebs.

Mike Hodel - Hodel decided to move to Eau Claire and have a baby, so there's no telling how often he will grace the Rebels with his presence this season. A master of the ultimate softball swing, his all-or-nothing approach at the plate either hits big or misses ugly. Another "coach on the field", Hodel's baseball smarts and ability to help out in any way possible make him another valuable asset to Genesee's roster. Hopefully he is able to make it at least more than Meier ever did.

Brian Szajna - The ultimate practice all-star, Szajna brings all-out-effort to everything he does from tracking fly balls, to spiking into the corner for match point. Szajna is currently the longest tenured Rebel on the roster and an invaluable member of the team. The master of the infield single, he might be the fastest base runner in the league and his uncanny ability to get on base and score make him a much appreciated run scorer for the Rebs.

Cody Alf - A new face to the Rebels, but not new to the area, Alf returns to Wisconsin after a few years of living in the balmy climate of Alaska. Before heading north and taking up softball as a way of life, Cody was once-upon-a-time a stellar outfielder and pitcher for the Carroll Pioneers and even had a stint in the Land O Lakes with Butler. Hopefully his baseball swing will come back to him quickly and his arm will survive a season of hardball. Look for Alf to get back onto the mound and produce for the Rebels there as well.

Mark Switalski - Returning to the Rebels after a leave of absence to scoop ice cream, Switalksi's presence immediately improves the IQ and statistical knowledge of Genesee. His ability to mathematically calculate the trajectory of any fly ball allows him to track down balls that seem to be out of reach. His uncanny ability to attempt a drag bunt during any count and at any situation will keep the infield on their toes when he comes to bat.

A few other Rebels may make appearances in the outfield as well, but the Rebs definitely don't have a shortage of guys able to perform in the outfield. Quite possibly the fastest outfield the Rebs have had in more than a decade, there should be no shortage of excellent play this season.

Stay tuned for further updates as we look at the infielders and pitchers with many new / young faces to bolster the Reb's chances at making this a championship season.

See you on May 15th!

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