Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Playoff Picture

The playoff picture is finally set. Well, sort of. East Troy still plays Burlington on Wednesday night and the outcome of that game will determine the #4 seed. If East Troy wins, they get the #4 seed. If they lose, they get the #5 seed. All that basically determines is who gets the home game between East Troy and Oconomowoc.

So, here's how the seeds ended up:

#1 Seed : Burlington. With only two losses on the year, one coming from Genesee, they locked in the number one.
#2 Seed: Waterford. They eeked out the #2 seed with a tie breaker win over North Prairie.
#3 Seed: North Prairie. The new look dogs ran their way into a top 3 finish.
#4 & 5 Seeds: East Troy & Oconomowoc. They will play each other, so other than home field advantage, it doesn't really matter.
#6 Seed: Genesee. Playing their best baseball as of late. Look out!
#7 Seed: Waukesha Royals. I think the consensus is that these guys are a sneaky #7.
#8 Seed: Dousman. They can hit, but can they pitch?
#9 Seed: Rome. Young guys = sometimes frustrating baseball.
#10 Seed: Ixonia. And they don't even want to play in the playoffs.

Here are the matchups:

Dousman vs. Rome - Winner plays at Burlington on Sunday
Waukesha vs. Ixonia - Ixonia doesn't want to play even though they voted for everyone making the playoffs. Shady. Waukesha moves on via the BYE to play Waterford

#1 Burlington vs. Winner of #8 Dousman and #9 Rome
#2 Waterford vs. #7 Waukesha
#3 North Prairie vs. #6 Genesee
#4 Oconomowoc vs. #5 East Troy (or vice versa)

Sunday's winners move on to the following weekend which will probably revert to the old format of one game saturday and championship Sunday, however, the situation may still change. Maybe best out of 3 is still on the table. Who knows. Let's play some ball!

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