Monday, February 3, 2014

Spring Training

Can you smell that? Nope. Me either. All this damn snow makes it hard to think about baseball, but here's some good news for you. Major League pitchers and catchers report within the next week or so. Granted, that will be down south where it's sunny and warm, but still, baseball is coming.

The Rebels are gearing up for another season with high hopes. After a successful 2013 campaign, the Rebs are excited to get the ball rolling. The good news is, they have already made the playoffs. The bad news, so has the rest of the league. As long as Wersh can stay alive, the rookies come back, Brian gets some rest, Sturty convinces the wife that it's a good idea to drive up north to play baseball, Theissen keeps flapping his glove and rubbing his helmet, Aaron shortens his sermons to make it by opening pitch, DeMarais lays off the child rearing for a while, Jimmy gets faster, Bauer continues to be a loud A-hole, Lawrence doesn't leave his shoulder at third base, Mayo showers on the weekends, McFarlane keeps his geriatric body together, Stasik hits the gym, Joel keeps creepin, Nick continues ducking under strikes, and Engel shows up to throw BP every once in a while, the season should be a success.

Stay tuned for a finalized schedule.

Bring on Baseball!

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