Monday, August 5, 2013

Playoff Picture

Playoff Picture

Here’s how the playoffs look for this season:

#1 seed: Burlington Barons
The Barons ended the season with a stellar 16-2 record. In 18 games, they only allowed 41 runs. If pitching and defense win championships, then the Barons have to be the favorite heading into the playoffs. The Rebels lost twice to Burlington in relatively close games.

#2 seed: East Troy Express
The Express ended the season with 12 wins to 6 losses. Two of those losses came at the hands of the Rebels. Pitching and defense have been the key for the express this year as well as they only allowed 58 runs to opposing hitters. Offense was, at times, hard to come by, but they often scored when it mattered most.

#3 seed: Waterford Rivermen
Ending the season with a record of 11-7, the Rivermen scored a league high 117 runs. While the core of their team has been around for a while, they are still a dangerous draw. If their pitching can hold up, their bats will keep them in games. They stole two games and a home playoff game from the Rebels.

#4 seed: Oconomowoc Titans
The Titans won 10 games this year which is an ok year by their standards. With a lot of young talent, fresh legs, and live arms, they are a team to watch out for. If their young talent can play with veteran maturity, they will be tough. The Rebels are hoping the third time is the charm as they look to upset the Titans at Roosevelt.

#5 seed: Genesee Rebels
The Rebels won 10 games this year, but could and should have won more. At times, the Rebels played outstanding defense, had stellar pitching, and hit the snot out of the ball. At other times, they couldn’t make a play, get a batter out, or push any runs across the plate. When they put it all together, they can beat anyone. When they can’t, well, that’s where the 8 losses came from.

#6 seed: North Prairie Dawgs (I believe)
The Dawgs finished in a tie for the 6th and final playoff spot with the Wales Royals, but took the tie breaker to edge themselves into the playoffs. North Prairie is a better team than their record shows as they have some of the best pitching in the league. If they can push some runs across and their pitchers throw strikes, they could be the sneaky pick to upset anyone and everyone.

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