Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Home Run Derby

The 5th annual Genesee Rebels Home Run Derby will take place on Thursday night, August 15th from 6-8pm at Genesee Town Park. The favorite coming in has to be Chris Elliott who is known for being a man during batting practice. Youngsters Alex Lawrence and Chris Theisen have been known to be batting practice superstars and may give the veteran a run for the crown. Always in the mix is the old man himself Mark Wershay who will either hit a bunch of homeruns or break his leg trying. The real battle will be for the coveted last place trophy as pitcher Matt DeMarais and utility player Nick Heckenkamp are sure to be in a battle until the final out.

In other news, the picture below recently surfaced and has brought to light some questions about Brian Szajna's man crush on star shortstop Aaron Dolan. Brian has closed his eyes to feel the immaculate presence of Dolan as he turns two by himself. One can only imagine what is going through Szajna's mind as he gets a first hand look (if he ever opens his eyes) at perfection.

Brian Szajna's thoughts: "I am not worthy to glance upon your eminence."

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